China Zhangjiagang WINMARK Machinery CO., LTD is a well-known mechanical engineering company. Our management team has dozens of years of actual combat experience, with rich technology research and development design of comprehensive services, provides the best platform for the field. We provide professional consulting and technical services for food, beverage, milk and chemical and other industries. Over the years’ cooperation with foreign manufacturers and advanced engineering and technical service company and by the installation commissioning and after-sales service, we constantly accumulate millet experience, improve technical level, and invite many talents in business and engineering design, which makes the company has strong technical services team.
   Except for many years the company has established good reputation and word-of-mouth of the technology and system integration of upstream and downstream of the industry at home and abroad, this a few years our company has reached the standard of Europe and the United States, and other advanced countries in all kinds of liquid food processing equipment after the period of filling and packing equipment of the whole plant turnkey project planning process system design, equipment and piping installation. Our company has undertaken engineering projects by more than two hundreds dairy beverage factories , the whole line installed more than 168 engineering and countless pretreatment processing system and a single device. Our company’s business covers the China local area, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other southeast Asia area, Australia and America Europe middle East Africa South America and other regions.
   After-sale service: In order to ensure that equipment operation is smooth and efficient service, our company professional after-sales service team will provide immediate effective, reliable after-sales service.
1.Immediately effective after-sale service: Our company can use phone and email communication or video discussion, which effective immediately ruled out production equipment problems.
2.Reliable services: Based on the requirements of technical service personnel quality and commitment to customers, our company held regularly on our team education training, and sent them to abroad for professional training courses.
3.Regular education and training and equipment maintenance services: According to customer's individual needs and requirements, our company can provide customers periodic equipment maintenance, general maintenance, overhaul service and so on in accordance with the contract way.
   Our company has a training center for providing all kinds of process technology and single pre-sale training and after-sale technical seminars regularly for the broad masses of customers at home and abroad. In this way we can let the customer accept professional knowledge here, so as to further understand the proper operation and maintenance of the equipment.

   WINMARK Machinery Co.,LTD is not self-contented about it, our growth is in order to provide better service, we also look forward to a continuous growth in the enthusiasm of service and strive towards world class engineering company.